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I purchased a Cessna 172 from Shawn as my broker. He was GREAT! I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to purchase an aircraft. Thank you Shawn, for your dedication and hard work on my transaction.
Shawn is a steadfast and consistent problem solver. He has always made sure all questions were responded to promtply and made sure all issues were taken care of to our satisfaction. Shawn has unquestioned integrity, he is personable and a just a great person to know. He has always taken the time to explain his recommendation and would go out of his way to be of assistance.
— AA Corporation

Shawn Bauer, President


Advanced Aircraft Sales based in Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in Aircraft Acquisitions, Aircraft Marketing, and Brokerage of new and pre-flown General and Business Aviation aircraft. We work with affluent individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs, large corporations, first-time aircraft buyers, fractional aircraft share owners, chief pilots, aircraft management companies, charter companies, and aviation department executives .

Treating People Right.

To put it simply, we care about our clients. If a problem arises, we ask ourselves, “Would I be satisfied if this were my new aircraft?” We instill this “we care” philosophy in every every stage of the aircraft buying process. It’s what we believe. It’s how we run our Company.

The Advanced Aircraft experience continues after closing ensuring satisfaction and enjoyment of your new aircraft. Let's create an opportunity that works for your financial benefit and complete satisfaction. We want the process of buying and selling an aircraft to be an easy and enjoyable process. Look forward to working with you on finding the best possible solution for all your aircraft needs. Give us a call today!




We assist in determining the best ownership structure for IRS/FAA issues (achieving maximum tax benefits, minimum IRS penalty exposure, and minimum sales and use tax), manage the negotiations, the contracting and pre-purchase inspection, and remain at our client's service after the transaction to assist them with the complexities of aircraft ownership. Our extensive service package includes, in approximate order:

* Operational and Financial Needs Analysis
* Mission Profile
* Model Comparison
* Market Analysis and Research
* Consultation and Assistance with Trading and Leasing
* Global Networking and Advertising
* Aircraft Evaluation and Fleet Comparative Value Analysis
* Residual Valuation
* Pre-Offer Inspection for Cost and Valuation
* Logbook and Documentation Review
* Flight Check
* Cosmetic Issues Evaluation and Consultation
* Evaluation and Preparation of Equipment Upgrades
* Determination of Appropriate Ownership Structure
* Strategic Negotiation
* Identification and Resolution of Issues within Purchase Agreement
* Closing Documentation
* Title Clearance
* Escrow Management
* Pre-Purchase Oversight - Directing the Inspection for current and model-driven issues
* Closing and Fund Distribution Coordination
* Delivery Coordination for sales tax and post inspection flight purposes
* Post-Closing Maintenance
* Flight and Maintenance Department Consultation/Management
* Asset, Personnel and Documentation Management



We are a full service brokerage combining both traditional and innovative marketing techniques with a vast network of industry connections. We handle everything, from advertising and lead generation, to market analysis and follow-up. Just as we do for clients looking to buy aircraft, market searches are performed to locate the right buyer for your aircraft at the highest market price available. Your aircraft is promoted through direct mail, print and Internet advertising and customized brochures. Our aggressive marketing and advertising sets us apart and designed to sell your aircraft quickly, and for the maximum value.



As part of our comprehensive marketing service, we provide exact and realistic market assessments based on current conditions. Your aircraft will be showcased with the highest industry standards targeting potential buyers in their local markets, as well as their agents and brokers worldwide. Frequent client-broker communication is a major priority. From development of the marketing strategy and valuation, up to and well past closing and delivery.

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